YIA Pitch Competition Unfolds at Spotify’s Creative Campus: Shaping the Future of Innovation

Bright minds and hopeful hearts filled Spotify’s Downtown Los Angeles campus this month as young entrepreneurs took center stage at the inaugural Young Innovators Accelerator (YIA) Pitch Competition. Sponsored by the Calley Foundation, AnnenbergTech, the Greater LA Education Foundation, and Best Buy, this competition marked a watershed moment in tech innovation for the youth of Los Angeles. 

The summer afternoon was abuzz with anticipation, electrified by more than 40 students from three Best Buy Teen Tech Centers who took the stage. Organized in collaboration with Best Buy’s Community Impact Hub, it was a transformative experience for everyone involved. Students were mentored by industry professionals and diligently worked through weeks of brainstorming, market validation, business planning, and pitch practice. 

Especially notable were the three ventures from our South LA tech center: Only Good Cement Company, Celestial Cafe, and Gamer’s Paradise. Though these enterprises didn’t capture the top awards, they displayed innovative tenacity and the audacity to dream big, turning visions into reality. Judges emphasized that pitching before an audience is a significant milestone in their entrepreneurial journeys. 

For South LA, the YIA opens doors for our youth to realms often perceived as elusive, like the high-stakes arena of tech and business innovation. This experience offers a practical masterclass in real-world persuasion and presentation—skills seldom taught in conventional classrooms. Finally, it grants each creative and entrepreneurial spirit the investment of attention from a broader audience.

Thai Buckman, the South LA Best Buy Teen Tech Center Program Coordinator, couldn’t be prouder. “This isn’t just an event; it’s a launchpad. These young minds had the invaluable opportunity to pitch their ideas to the people who could help them turn them into reality. Not just representing themselves—they are uplifting the aspirations of the whole South LA community.”

Spotify’s campus offered our young innovators access to a state-of-the-art facility where top artists record their Spotify originals. This behind-the-scenes look was an inspiring preview of what their futures in tech and innovation could resemble. The competition was a contest and a gateway to untapped opportunities and potentials for these budding entrepreneurs.

The sentiment among the judges reflected the notion that the YIA competition is not just a one-off event but a stepping stone towards enduring, meaningful careers and socially impactful ventures. Students can take this experience as their jumping-off point—their opening chapter to their stories. Their paths ahead will be steeped with obstacles, but the exposure, experiences, and insights learned through the YIA propel them forward. 

To the youth, keep refining, keep innovating, and above all, create it because you love it. You can think bigger and aim higher because we will continue striving to provide your needed resources. Keep pushing boundaries. Continue being audacious. South LA, the spotlight awaits—let’s shine.


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