VSEDC Helps South LA Resource Center Avoid Eviction

At VSEDC, we believe that thriving communities are built on the strength and resilience of their local organizations. That’s why we were heartbroken to learn about the urgent situation that befell Ultimate Restoration Unlimited (URU), a South LA resource center that faced eviction due to a delayed payment.

Led by its dedicated Executive Director, Teresa McDonald, URU helps community members by providing access to essential services and information on employment, education, healthcare, and housing. Their commitment to empowering residents is crucial for building a healthier South LA.

However, URU received a devastating eviction notice when a critical payment was unexpectedly delayed. With only days to pay the back rent, their ability to continue serving the community was at risk.

Grasping the gravity of the situation, VSEDC moved quickly to offer a helping hand. Through our commitment to supporting the community, we provided URU with a $1,851 emergency loan from our community fund. These funds helped URU cover their rent and avoid eviction, ensuring they can continue their vital work.

Beyond immediate financial assistance, we’ve also established a repayment plan with URU tailored to their specific situation. Additionally, VSEDC will be providing URU with business counseling services to help them strengthen their financial management practices and avoid similar challenges in the future.

Such is the force of community support. Working together, we ensure that essential resources remain available to those who need them most.

URU’s mission of uplifting South LA is essential. Here are a few ways you can get involved:

  • Visit URU’s website: Learn more about the services they offer and the impact they make.
  • Follow URU on social media: Stay connected with URU’s work and find out about volunteer opportunities via Facebook.
  • Donate to URU: Your financial contribution, big or small, can help URU continue providing essential services to the South LA community.

Contact Ultimate Restoration Unlimited:

  • Email: ultresunltd@aol.com
  • Office: (323) 641-0277
  • Direct: (424) 255-8568
  • Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday; 9:30 am – 4:30 pm
  • Address: 2820 S. Vermont Ave Suite 24, Los Angeles, CA 90007

Together, let’s ensure that URU’s doors remain open and that their vital services continue to empower South LA!


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