In the teeming atmosphere of the LA Trade Tech Procurement Matchmaking Event, every handshake and exchange pulsated with the heartbeat of opportunity. Amid entrepreneurs eager to forge paths and partnerships, VSEDC found itself ideally at home, reproducing its enduring promise to uplift the community.

Forecasting presentations unveiled contracting opportunities where public and private sectors could intersect. The meeting served as a convergence of aspirations, where meticulously scheduled matchmaking sessions united buyers with sellers in a dance of mutual benefit.

From goods like raw materials and manufactured parts to services spanning administration and construction, the categories were broad yet intricately connected. The air buzzed with discussions centered around diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), reflecting commitments to supplier diversity.

VSEDC Program Manager Gentry Richardson and PR & Marketing Manager Lisa Wright field inquiries for curious attendees.

VSEDC was instrumental in orchestrating this symphony of opportunities. Sr. Business & Lending Coach Terry Gubatan, Program Manager Gentry Richardson, and PR & Marketing Manager Lisa Wright engaged in vibrant dialogues, illuminating VSEDC’s offerings and epitomizing the mission’s natural extension.

VSEDC’s multi-faceted involvement was akin to speed dating for businesses: 1:1 appointments were scheduled, aligning buyers and sellers based on similar NAIC codes and keywords. COO Libby Williams hosted various OneLA Small Business Supplier Webinars leading up to the October 10 Procurement Fair, offering best practices for matchmaking and procurement, thereby equipping businesses for a successful experience.

Karen Blackwell, representing VSEDC, conducted a Buyers Workshop aimed at SoCal Procurement Professionals. The interactive 90-minute webinar was designed to fortify knowledge and refine or initiate company Supplier Diversity programs.
On the administrative front, Gabby Alba and Corey Carelton were linchpins, ensuring seamless coordination. From managing emails and Zoom links to crafting name badges, their roles were pivotal. On the day of the event, they were hands-on, ensuring that the matchmaking process unfolded smoothly.

These engagements sowed seeds for sustainable relationships destined to nurture and enrich the community. The impact of VSEDC manifested through this event resonated as a testament to its unwavering dedication and community spirit.

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