CDFI Uplifts Women-owned Trucking Business | Success Story

Pandemic be damned. Undeterred by the global hardship, Teneisha Cephas’ T&M Productions remains a paragon of resilience. Their sail through the fluctuations of the trucking sector, coupled with navigating the stormy seas of the COVID-19 crisis, exemplifies a tale of enduring sustainability.

Initially entrenched in the events industry, Teneisha and her spouse, McClom, sought a shift towards a more family-oriented lifestyle. This led them to inaugurate T&M Productions in Texas in 2011, before transplanting their aspirations to the nurturing environment of California in 2018. The trucking business, with its constant demand for hauling goods, offered a perfect match for their ambitions.

However, the pandemic’s ascent introduced unprecedented challenges, from school closures to the need for greater family involvement, disrupting schedules and financial stability. Despite these hurdles, Teneisha’s determination never wavered.

“A closed mouth doesn’t get fed. Speak about your business. Let them know it’s something you’re passionate about.”

A critical juncture was reached with the need for a new truck in 2022, leading to explorations into the realm of business loans and financial support. Enter the South LA BusinessSource Center (BSC), managed by VSEDC. Through steady mentorship from Senior Business & Lending Coach Terry Gubatan, Teneisha navigated the intricacies of securing a microloan from VSEDC’s CDFI.

VSEDC Director of Loan Services, Namoch Sokhom, meticulously reviewed her balance sheet and P&L, ultimately endorsing an increase in her loan to align with her needs.

“Everything in the application portal was self-explanatory. I had to fill out the necessary forms and information and provide permission to access the required documents. After that, I just awaited the review.”

Bolstered by the South LA BSC, Teneisha’s loan spotlights the crucial support it provides to empower minority- and women-owned businesses. Our mission emphasizes the essence of dreaming big, harnessing support, and continuously exploring the realms of possibility.

This assistance was just the beginning. Teneisha’s aspirations for T&M Productions are bold, with plans to expand their fleet to ten trucks by 2030, delve into dispatching services, and explore warehousing solutions. This vision for growth underscores the expansive potential within the trucking industry.

Teneisha appreciated the resources VSEDC alerted her to, like the LA Trade Tech Procurement Matchmaking, which facilitated opportunities for small business owners to connect with procurement for contracts. Such platforms are vital for entrepreneurs looking to broaden their network and access new markets.

As T&M Productions continues on its path of expansion and innovation, it reminds us that resources are available and attainable. In Teneisha’s words, “Opportunity favors the prepared,” a mantra that will undoubtedly steer T&M Productions towards new horizons and successes.

“We are a small business, minority-owned, women-owned trucking enterprise and we are professional and on time with your deliveries. If you have any needs, reach out!”

Embrace the journey of T&M Productions and other inspiring stories of perseverance and success. Reach them by phone at (800) 436-3530, or by email at

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