Mother’s Day Gift Ideas | Feature Friday

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and finding that perfect gift can be challenging. Our moms are superheroes; finding the...Read More

Fresh Success: AAPI Business Evolves with VSEDC Loan

Flipping away from April, we arrive at the first page of May, ushering in Asian American...Read More

Don’t Fall In! How to Steer Clear of Startup Pitfalls

Launching a business is thrilling, but between the excitement and the hustle, it’s crucial to stay...Read More

Meet the Tax-pert: Crystal Mitchell

Ever felt overwhelmed by the complex world of taxes? Meet Crystal Mitchell, a South LA business...Read More

She Means Business: VSEDC Crowns Enterprise Queens

South LA’s got hustle, and VSEDC is here to fuel it! We recently wrapped up our...Read More

VSEDC Helps South LA Resource Center Avoid Eviction

At VSEDC, we believe that thriving communities are built on the strength and resilience of their...Read More


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