Celebrate National Ice Cream Day with Vermont Slauson Economic Development Corporation and All Chill!

Vermont Slauson Economic Development Corporation is celebrating National Ice Cream Day on July 21st with our...Read More

VSEDC Opens South LA’s First Women’s Business Center

Last Wednesday, VSEDC commemorated the grand opening of South LA’s first Women’s Business Center (WBC). Powered...Read More

Inside VSEDC: AAPI Voices Elevating South Los Angeles

Diversity is a catalyst. VSEDC actively employs this principle, utilizing staff from various walks of life...Read More

Art Delectables Receives CDFI Loan to Expand Into Costco

Chef Deljah’s greatest desire is to open the doors for other minority-owned companies to enter the...Read More

South LA Wellness Oasis Empowered by VSEDC

Yoga isn’t just about physical postures—it’s about transformation. For Kar Lee Young, founder of Crenshaw Yoga & Dance (CYD)...Read More

Let’s Learn: Starting a Daycare Business

Do you have a passion for nurturing young minds and an entrepreneurial soul? Starting a daycare...Read More


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