We’re thrilled to announce that the South LA Teen Tech Center (SLATTC) has been awarded a $10k Youth Advocacy grant to address food insecurity in South LA. The program will span from January through November and will be led by a group of passionate youths dedicated to feeding those in need.

The Youth Advocacy grant is a prestigious award given to tech centers in good standing with Best Buy Teen Tech Center and The Clubhouse Network.

The program is an excellent opportunity for students to develop their leadership and advocacy skills while working towards a meaningful cause. The focus of the student’s initiative moves address the pressing issue of food insecurity in South LA, with a unique approach of creating a comprehensive food pantry toolkit tailored for high schools and colleges. The toolkit will be designed with an inclusive mindset, meeting the unique needs of individuals who are vegan, have specific allergies, or follow dietary restrictions due to religious beliefs.

We’re excited to witness the transformative impacts of this program make and are proud to support their efforts to make a positive difference in their community. To learn more about the Center and its programs, visit their Instagram.

With innovative and passionate youth leading the way, SLATTC is setting an example for Tech Centers across the country. Join us in supporting the Center’s Youth Advocacy initiative and the important work they are doing to talk food insecurity in South LA!