SOAR | Sell Or Acquire Readiness

Know when it’s time to sell your business, or acquire one

Black and Latino women are the largest group of entrepreneurs in the U.S.; more than a third of small business owners are considering selling their businesses in the next few years. It could be time for you to make your move.

SOAR gives entrepreneurs the resources and support for commercial exits and acquisitions with unique assessment tools, cohort, and network building.

Here’s how it works:

  • Take the SOAR Assessment to discover at what readiness stage your business is to acquire or sell.
  • Join the SOAR cohort to learn how to acquire or sell your business.
  • Connect with SOAR’s network of buyers and sellers.

Step 1:

Tell us about your Business and your Plans

Step 2:

Receive a personalized Readiness Score

Step 3:
Take Action

Access Personalized Resources to help you take the next steps on your SOAR Journey

Step 4:

Connect with people buying and selling businesses in your community
Coming Soon!

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