We are grateful for PNC Bank’s recent visit to VSEDC headquarters and our Best Buy Teen Tech Center. The tour provided PNC Bank a glimpse into our determined mission to build stronger neighborhoods and communities in South LA.  

We were excited to share our dedication, commitment, and innovative approaches that foster an environment where the next generation’s dreams can take flight.  

Closing the equity gap and the digital divide remains critical to our mission. Touring our Best Buy Teen Tech Center provided a firsthand experience for the PNC team to see many of the digital educational resources we offer. The Center lies in Chesterfield Square, where we support community youth by offering free access to cutting-edge tools such as laptops, sound studios, mixing equipment, and 3-D printers. Also provided are sewing machines to cater to the high demand for fashion education in this neighborhood. 

We look forward to a future with PNC Bank as our partner, where we can amplify the collective impact we can make in the South LA community. 

Thank you again, PNC Bank, for your visit and for seeing some of the important work we do.