Capital is the lifeblood of small business. Many companies often fail due to the lack of cash flow in their company. Recognizing the essentiality of capital, VSEDC provides ongoing support to aid in business owners’ access capital. Our expert team of loan consultants can assist you with identifying the capital needed and the appropriate financial resource. In addition, VSEDC counselors can assist you with the compiling your loan package. VSEDC utilizes relationships with lending institutions such as Valley Economic Development Center and Small Business Administration representatives to refer participants for loan funding. A summary of loan programs includes:

Micoloan Program

start-up businesses with average credit and collateral ($1K-50K)

Community Advantage SBA 7(a)

businesses located in low-income areas and empowerment zones ($50K-250K)

Small Business Loan Program

profitable businesses operating for 2+ years seeking to expand ($50K-700K)

LiSC Loan Program

financing to assist with purchasing a commercial property

The Five C's of Credit Analysis



The degree to which a borrower feels a moral obligation to pay his/her debts, measured by their credit and payment history.


A subjective determination made by a lender based upon an analysis of the borrower’s financial statements and other information.


The amount of capital in a business is equal to the total of capital from debt and equity. Lenders prefer low debt-to-asset and debt-to-worth ratios and high current ratios. These indicate financial stability.


An asset owned by a borrower, but promised to a lender against non-payment of the loan. The amount of collateral required varies from lender to lender. The closer the collateral value is to the loan amount, the more comfortable the lender will be that the loan will be repaid.


General economic, geographic and industry.