Woman-Owned Luxury Brand is Approved for $50,000 Loan 

Amami Luxury is One of a Kind 

Amami Luxury LLC, a luxury leather goods brand that aims to inspire people through bold and supremely crafted pieces, is a culmination of Tye Barrett’s life experiences thus far. Barrett climbed the ranks of corporate America as a single mother raising her daughter. Barrett’s resume includes the Walt Disney Company and Warner Brothers, with a strong background in project management, operations, and marketing.  

The journey was not only corporate; it was also a journey of self-acceptance and self-love for Barrett.  

“We are all multidimensional human beings,” said Barrett. “The goal of Amami Luxury is to build a community of people that accept you for who you are.” With a name that means “Love Me” in Italian, Amami Luxury encourages individuals to celebrate the imperfections, complexities, and experiences that make them one-of-a-kind.  

Following the ethos of individuality, each part of the products are custom made by a family-owned factory in the heart of Italy. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and unique to Amami Luxury. 

“I wanted to make sure the brand wasn’t going to blend into the crowd,” said Barrett.  

A Loan Approval Made Export and Manpower Possible

Barrett set out to build a business that has longevity and international reach, doing the proper planning and due diligence to ensure the success of Amami Luxury. Barrett hired a team of experts within their fields, with experience at some of the most renowned fashion houses: Louis Vuitton, Chloe, Celine, and Burberry.  

In order to sustain a world-class team and finance a costly manufacturing and export process, Barrett needed capital.  

Barrett was initially referred to Vermont Slauson Economic Development Corporation by a board member. Soon after, Barrett was partnered with one of our Senior Business Coaches, Robyn Mattison. Together, Robyn and Tye worked on loan preparation, eventually culminating in Barrett’s approval for a loan totaling $50,000 in November 2022. The loan will furnish manpower at Amami Luxury, as well as the process of manufacturing each item.  

“[Tye’s] vision for her company is broad, and her business plan is sound. We at VSEDC were happy to be there for Tye and help with the funding to get her over her hurdle and bring her leather goods to the U.S.,” said Robyn Mattison.  

“[VSEDC] believes in me, they believe in my vision. You need believers to succeed. You need someone that’s willing to take a risk on you, so that you are able to reach your potential,” said Barrett.   

The Future of Luxury is Community

A Los Angeles-native, Barrett wants Amami Luxury to be rooted in community work, lining up events and celebrity and influencer partnerships. Next on the horizon is partnering with organizations that give back, aimed at building up human health and wealth.  

Amami Luxury is, after all, people first: “The product is an extension of the person,” said Barrett. “What you wear is how you want other people to perceive you.”  

Shop Amami Luxury at their website and follow them on social media here.  

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