Leimert Park Boutique Goes Viral

Queen Aminah’s Clothing & Sisters Marketplace has been a beloved fixture in Leimert Park for over a decade. Renowned for its exquisite blend of African wear, accessories, and Islamic attire, the store has cultivated a loyal following that appreciates its unique cultural treasures. But in June 2023, extensive street repairs along the Crenshaw Corridor significantly impacted foot traffic and parking access, threatening business stability.

Undeterred, Aminah Muhammad, a seasoned entrepreneur with a storied history dating back to her boutique “La D’ecouvert” in Beverly Hills during the 1970s, decided to explore new avenues. Fortunately, she had a resource in her arsenal—her connection to VSEDC through the South LA BusinessSource Center (BSC).

The BSC recognized her challenges and connected her with VSEDC Business Coach Jennifer Laurent. Through a strategic program focused on digital acceleration, Aminah gained valuable skills and insights into the ever-evolving world of social media marketing.

Coach Laurent’s tutelage yielded profound results. Aminah transformed her Instagram account into a captivating platform showcasing her store’s stunning garments and cultural pieces. Her online presence reconnected with her existing clientele and attracted a new audience.

One of her reels, a spirited display of her collection’s rich textures and styles, even went viral, garnering over one million views!

Aminah’s story is about overcoming a temporary hurdle by embracing new opportunities and the dynamism of established resources. By providing access to valuable resources and boosting digital literacy, VSEDC remains instrumental in propelling businesses like Queen Aminah’s to new heights.

Next time you’re scrolling through Instagram and come across a captivating display of African fashion, it might just be a glimpse into the designs of Queen Aminah’s Clothing & Sisters Marketplace—the enduring spirit of a local entrepreneur and the remarkable influence of digital transformation.

Discovering the local resources available to you can be the key to unlocking your business’s full potential. VSEDC, in partnership with the City of Los Angeles EWDD, manages the South LA BSC and the Watts BSC. Often hidden gems within your community, these centers offer a wealth of programs and expertise designed to empower businesses of all sizes to grow and succeed.

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