Vermont Slauson Economic Development Corporation (VSEDC) is delighted to introduce the 2023 Young Innovators Accelerator (YIA). This program unites 50 high school students from three Best Buy Teen Tech Centers across Los Angeles, including the South LA Teen Tech Center, in an engaging tech innovation challenge.

YIA allows students to delve into their interests and cultivate original ideas within three fields: fashion design, technology, and music production.

Throughout the program, students will receive mentorship from tech industry experts, learn to develop business plans, and practice their pitch. The program concludes with a final pitch competition where participants can win college scholarships, funding for their projects, and more!

YIA spans several weeks, with student recruitment now open and the finalization of ideas and team formation scheduled for the week of June 19th. The program will then progress through brainstorming, market validation/research, idea refinement, prototype creation, customer development, business plan & financials, and final pitch practice. The culmination is the final pitch competition on Thursday, August 10th.

By participating in YIA, students will acquire hands-on entrepreneurship experience, network with industry professionals, and collaborate with peers to enhance their ideas. Scholarship stipends will be awarded to participating students, and category winners will receive funding to further develop their concepts.

Elevate your tech skills and by registering for the 2023 Young Innovators Accelerator and check out the latest tech center activities on Instagram.