A momentous experience unfurled for VSEDC client Guadalupe Tlatenchi, the visionary behind GTLA Apparel. The burgeoning apparel development and production house received a significant boost from a $10,000 Verizon Small Business Digital Ready Program grant. Verizon bestowed the grant at a special event at So-Fi Stadium, collaborating with the Los Angeles Rams to celebrate GTLA’s commitment to fashion excellence.

During the event, in a panel discussion featuring insights from industry experts, representatives unveiled the surprise grant in front of an audience of over 60 entrepreneurs, many of whom are certified #RamsHouse small businesses.

Tlatenchi’s endeavor began in her grandmother’s footsteps, extending from home sewing sessions to the prestigious halls of the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. Her professional tenure as a pattern maker and head designer delivered her invaluable insights into the fashion world. Recognizing the need for ethical practices in the apparel industry, Tlatenchi embarked on her entrepreneurial expedition, launching GTLA in 2017 in South LA, the community that nurtured her dreams.

Marketing a story of legacy, passion, and commitment to sustainability, GTLA is no stranger to the spotlight, having previously featured in ABC7 News. Recognition of Tlatenchi’s success radiates the potential of small businesses when endowed with robust BSC support and guidance.

Paving the way for future women entrepreneurs, it emboldens the spirit of empowerment and innovation that drives the upcoming Women’s Business Center by VSEDC. Focused on supporting and uplifting female entrepreneurs in South LA, the center will provide a dedicated space for women to access tailored resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities, furthering gender equity in entrepreneurship.

“Excitement only scratches the surface in describing our reaction when we learned that Verizon selected GTLA as the recipient of such a generous award,” said Jonathan Kinnard, a VSEDC Senior Business Coach. “Oftentimes, an infusion of capital makes all the difference for a small business that strives to reach the next level of success.”

Explore the GTLA web store for handcrafted artistry, then unravel their story and VSEDC ties in our in-depth April 2023 feature.

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