Spurred by necessity and the desire to create, Grow Your Edges Back (GYEB) is forging its pathway in the beauty industry, where innovation and uniqueness are key. Distinctively focusing on hair loss and thinning edges, this Watts business exemplifies the potential of strategic business support in realizing entrepreneurial ambitions.

GYEB and its founder, Lorenze LaNier, began their path with a mission to address the unfortunate yet common hair loss issue related to cancer treatments. LaNier toiled to develop effective products imbued with a commitment to organic, nature-honoring ingredients.

What distinguishes GYEB in a crowded market is its high-quality products and compelling growth, fueled by the support of the Watts BusinessSource Center (BSC). Operated by VSEDC, the BSC recognized the potential of LaNier’s vision.

The Center enabled GYEB to refine its strategy and operations through enhanced business coaching, creating a strong base for sustained growth. However, the turning point for the rising enterprise came with the marketing expertise and promotional assistance provided by Business Coach Trey Brown. This support proved instrumental in GYEB securing a vendor spot at notable local events like the Taste of Soul festival last October, dramatically increasing the brand’s visibility and nearly doubling its online following.

“When I was accepted into Taste of Soul, it set me up for growth. Exposure from it added over 400 Instagram followers and allowed us to give over 1000 samples.”

A vibrant Instagram reel from the Taste of Soul event facilitated the successful marketing strategy. Garnering over 10 million views, it showcased GYEB’s engaging presence and demonstrated the practical digital marketing skills Lorenze honed through the guidance of the Watts BSC.

Today, GYEB can be found in over a dozen stores across seven cities throughout Los Angeles County. LaNier’s growth and the success of his enterprise attests to the mission of the Watts BSC and EWDD, exemplifying how practical advice, training, and networking opportunities empower local businesses to thrive in competitive markets.

As GYEB continues to innovate and expand, LaNier has acknowledged that he’s not done learning. “I’ve got more to learn about with ChatGPT,” he noted, referencing our developing webinars on A.I. language models taught by Coach Brown.

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