Contract Insight Workshop: Creating Business Agreements

Gain a competitive edge in the business world with our Contract Readiness Workshop. Designed for professionals at all levels, this workshop provides you with practical tools and insights to navigate contracts and agreements confidently. Learn the art of analyzing terms, understanding legal jargon, and negotiating effectively. Whether you're a business owner, freelancer, or simply looking […]

Taste of Soul

Taste of Soul is a family festival and free to the public, located on our beloved Crenshaw Blvd., between Barack Obama Blvd. and Stocker Avenue. The event attracts approximately 350,000+ mostly African American and others to the event. Don’t forget your appetite! With over 150 various delicious food offerings, you’ll need it!

Business Credit Workshop

Unlock the power of business credit with our comprehensive workshop designed to empower businesses of all sizes. Learn proven strategies to build and leverage credit effectively, paving the way for sustainable growth and financial success.

Permit Lab Workshop

Join our Permit Lab Workshop designed exclusively for businesses seeking clarity and efficiency in navigating regulatory processes. Gain invaluable sights and practical strategies to streamline permit acquisition, empowering your enterprise to thrive in a compliant and agile environment.

Entrepreneurship 101 Workshop

Elevate your entrepreneurial skills with our dynamic workshop tailored for businesses. Unleash your potential, gain strategic insights, and equip yourself with the tools necessary to drive innovation and success in today's competitive market landscape.

Business Certification Workshop

Maximize your business's potential with our intensive certification workshop tailored to enhance credibility and competitiveness. Gain industry-recognized certifications and invaluable knowledge to elevate your brand and secure lucrative opportunities.

Chat GPT Workshop

Do you want to get familiar with AI? Do you want to learn how AI can enhance your business and save you time? Check out our Chat GPT workshop.

P.O.S. Square Workshop

Unlock the full potential of Square's Point of Sales (POS) system with our immersive workshop tailored for businesses. Learn hands-on techniques to maximize efficiency, manage transactions seamlessly, and leverage Square's innovative tools to enhance customer experiences and drive growth. Attend this workshop and you will walk away with a Square.