Webinar-Social Media During Times of Crisis-Level 1


May 26


03:30 pm - 05:30 pm

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Vermont Slauson Economic Development Corporation - VSEDC

Website: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/vermont-slauson-economic-development-corporation-vsedc-27269019241

Online Event


Are you new to social media and ready to use Instagram and Facebook to reach new customers? With more than a decade of marketing experience, Felicia Kaplan will share the foundation for establishing your Instagram profile like a pro! 

Topics include: 


  • Profile Optimization (get the most out of your account) 

  • Creative posts Yield Creative Results 

  • Strategically -Plan & Schedule Posts  

Felicia Kaplan

Creative Strategist

Felicia has a drive and passion to help businesses succeed with social media marketing. She has a fundamental understanding of the importance of social media marketing and knows how to break down a clients’ needs and develop the proper strategies to propel their businesses. This includes educating in the most effective ways to market and brand their products whether it be a service or tangible goods.

She discovered that there was a niche for small brands and business, needing a social strategist to grow. Yet they didn’t have the marketing budgets needed to hire marketing firms that were geared towards large businesses. Felicia set out to create a business where she could offer creative marketing services to start-up and small businesses. Her experience expands to working with multiple local business throughout Los Angeles and other cities. Her client list includes, Fashion brands, E-commerce, Fitness and nutrition, Stationery and gifts, Staffing and events. She has successfully shown businesses how to get results utilizing digital/social marketing. Her clients have seen tangible results from implementing suggested marketing initiatives. 

“If your business is not on Social Media…you are not in business!” –Felicia K.

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