Sustainable Development Goals For Businesses


October 21


05:30 pm - 07:30 pm

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Vermont Slauson Economic Development Corporation - VSEDC

Sustainable Development Goals For Businesses

As the global economy continues to recover, we are seeing slower growth, widening inequalities, and not enough jobs to keep up with a growing labor force. One of the ways Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promotes sustained economic growth is through entrepreneurship and job creation.

Join us to hear about Entrepreneurship: How to start a business, build a business and scale a business through

• Business credibility

• Job Creation/staffing from scratch via Federal government backed employment programs

• Commercialization, Profitability, and valuation

* Presented in partnership with the Los Angeles Department of Economic Development and Workforce (EWDD) and the South Los Angeles Business Center. Aids and ancillary services are available upon request for people with disabilities.


After bearing witness to the unjust socioeconomic disparities that minorities face and experiencing extreme poverty firsthand, Dr.Malcolm Adams, now known as the Purposeful Economist, freed himself of financial hardship’s heavy burden. And he made it his mission to help others do the same.Once a homeless youth, Dr. Adams longed for financial security and was determined to not only cultivate a limitless and fulfilling life for himself, but for his community as well. This intrinsic drive forged his path to becoming a Top 100 Global Leader in Finance and taking 1000+ individuals, families and businesses from scarcity to financial abundance.Through his personalized and renowned consultations, Dr. Adams provides those in need with the actionable tools necessary to set them up for sustainable success and financial growth. His empathetic, authentic and perceptive approach permits him to thoughtfully and effectively assess each client’s unique situation and needs – resulting in a tailored and lucrative game plan.Aside from his consulting business, Dr Adams is the published author of Purposeful Economics and acts as Chairman of the Banking & Finance Committee for the Illinois State Black Chamber of Commerce. He remains motivated by his ability to empower and arm those who are struggling with the knowledge they need to prosper and overcome adversity. Visit to find out more about Dr. Adams.

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