LA Regional Covid-19 Recovery Fund


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June 6


05:06 am - 05:06 am

LA Regional Covid-19 Recovery fund.

In response to COVID-19’s devastating effects on the local economy, the County of Los Angeles and the City of Los Angeles, in partnership with institutional and corporate philanthropy, created the LA Regional COVID-19 Recovery Fund. This course will highlight the process and the requirements to better prepare you for the application.

Note: Brought to you in partnership with the City of Los Angeles Economic and Workforce Development Department (EWDD) and South Los Angeles BusinessSource Center.

Tamika Taylor is the Program Strategist and Business Development Consultant. She is the CEO of TaylorMade Solutions consulting firm. She leads a team known as “The Rain Makers” in securing lucrative contracts and expanding the business profiles of their elite clients. She is a highly regarded community development thought leader in the South LA. She known for her ability to gain community consensus in the hardest to serve communities. Her passion is supporting women in business. She is currently consulting with the with the City of Los Angeles as a strategist for Pandemic response for employers and independent contractors. Tamika has been tasked with designing programs that deliver tangible impact to South Los Angeles as the Business Strategist for Vermont Slauson Economic Development Corporation. She has secured millions of dollars of contract opportunities and grant for her clients that include corporations, non-profits and small businesses. Tamika is a true master planner in innovative program infrastructure and program development management. She has become the chief program architect crafting proposals and launching the following since 2017:

  • Benedict College’s SBA Women’s Business Center Award
  • Benedict College COVID award
  • VSEDC’s Women’s Enterprise Center – VSEDC’s flagship initiative for women in business in the South LA Community
  • WEOP (Women’s Entrepreneurial Opportunity Partnership)– West: Women’s Business Incubator – to support women business owners of color from the local community to achieve economic equity through contracting opportunities. WEOP West provides women with strategic business development engagements activities that contribute to the overall economic prosperity of Los Angeles by aligning women with business resources, government contracting opportunities and access to capital to create wealth, jobs, and promote inclusion for women in the business
  • Best Buy Teen Tech Center in South Los Angeles
  • Peace Officer Scoring System Initiative – a pioneering framework to address barriers unique to African American recruits under consideration for a nationwide launch by LAPD
  • LAX Fly Park (Wing Society) – unique design that allows LAX to partner with a minority business to create a new “eat and fly” Food Truck Park and during construction and airport re-design
  • LACMA DMH – over 10 community engagement awards

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