Amid Hollywood’s flashing lights and red-carpet premieres, twin sisters Kai Destiny and Mickey Raymond co-founded a breakthrough company, Da Yamms Entertainment (DYE). Named in honor of their late mother’s children and grandchildren, DYE represents more than glitz and glamour—it embodies a dream nurtured from humble beginnings to the luminous marquees of cinemas.

Navigating a Challenging Terrain  

In a landscape often criticized for lacking diversity, DYE has carved a niche through sheer determination and skill. Beyond networking, the twins worked to build lasting mentorships and meaningful connections. Despite the challenges, their focus remains steadfast in producing quality, diverse content. Their resilience and work ethic have cemented their place in an industry ready for change. 

Complementary Souls in Business  

“Our dynamic is the true definition of yin and yang,” Mickey explains. While Kai is the brains behind scripts and payroll, Mickey’s forte lies in client-facing roles and direct communications. The secret sauce to their enduring business relationship? “Even if we disagree on something, love trumps all,” Kai emphasizes. This emotional tether keeps the business afloat and strengthens their sisterly bond.  

Death & Ramen: A Glimpse of the Future  

One of the sister duo’s projects, the short film “Death & Ramen,” exemplifies their strategic yet heartfelt approach. Kai had prior work experience with the director, so when Mickey had the opportunity to collaborate, she seized it. “Every film we associate with carries our family’s legacy. It’s not about instant recognition; it’s about creating a lasting impact,” Mickey explains.  

From Loans to the Venice Film Festival  

With essential financial and strategic support from Adam Dominguez and Terry Gubatan at VSEDC, DYE was able to bring their vision for “Le Film Pro-Nazi d’Hitchcock” to life. The funding propelled the film’s production and allowed them to secure a spot in the venerable Venice Film Festival’s 80th installment, which kicks off today—placing the twins’ groundbreaking work on a global stage. 

Approval from the King Himself 

When it came to their involvement in “Stephen King on Screen,” a documentary about the prolific author Stephen King, it was more than just another project; it was about kinship with a French film crew they had worked with before. The crowning moment came when King himself sent a letter to them and approved of the film.  

Vision Beyond the Horizon  

DYE’s ultimate mission transcends the parameters of Hollywood. “We’re on a trajectory that aligns with industry giants like Sony and Warner Bros,” Mickey proclaims. “Our true goal remains clear: to produce meaningful, diverse, and entertaining content, especially lifting the narratives of women and minorities.”  

To anyone with an unrealized vision, they provided straightforward advice: “Stay consistent. Keep honing your craft and seeking mentors.”  

In an industry where Black creators are sparse and support for them even more so, Kai and Mickey inspire those who dream beyond the limitations society places upon them. As co-founders of DYE, they’ve proven that when dreams are buttressed by tenacity, compassion, and a little bit of sisterly love, the sky’s not the limit. And for them, it’s just the beginning.