Ever felt overwhelmed by the complex world of taxes? Meet Crystal Mitchell, a South LA business coach and tax expert passionate about empowering fellow entrepreneurs.

Managing taxes is crucial to running a business, but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Crystal, with her 20 years of seasoned experience, brings a unique approach to tax management. Her mission is to help small business owners in our community navigate taxes and achieve financial success.

Crystal’s association with VSEDC, where we dedicate ourselves to the mission of supporting entrepreneurs, aligns perfectly with her values. She believes in working with the “whole person” to ensure businesses have a solid foundation for growth.

In a family of entrepreneurs, Crystal knew early on that she’d blaze her enterprising path. For five years, she carefully crafted her company, Mitchell Business Solutions, meticulously developing her client base while planning her exit from corporate life.

During the 2008 recession, Crystal’s customary clientele could not sustain her services financially. In response, she deftly repositioned her offerings to meet their evolving needs, grew relationships with local organizations that provided technical assistance, and established mutual goals for the betterment of the business community.

“Business owners often think taxes are out to get them,” Crystal explains. “But with the right strategies and understanding, you can take control.”

Crystal stays on top of ever-changing tax laws and loves finding creative solutions for her clients. She advises entrepreneurs to develop their accounting system before earning money. “It tells you what’s deductible and what to invest to grow your business.”

“I’ve witnessed too many businesses suffer financial losses – and sometimes even close – due to simple tax mistakes,” Crystal laments. Her expertise has proven to be a game-changer for her clients, saving them thousands. One remarkable example is a client who reduced a $45,000 tax bill thanks to Crystal’s guidance! Collectively, she’s aided numerous businesses in saving millions.

Ready to conquer your business taxes? Crystal is hosting a Quickbooks webinar on April 17, 2024, where she’ll share valuable insights on accounting basics. Listen to her insights on her podcast for more tax tips.

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