Yoga isn’t just about physical postures—it’s about transformation. For Kar Lee Young, founder of Crenshaw Yoga & Dance (CYD) in Park Mesa Heights, yoga was a lifeline during a difficult time. Inspired by its healing power, she envisioned a space where her community could find solace and connection.

Young’s arc from nurse to entrepreneur began with a bold vision to create a wellness haven in the heart of her community. In 2004, she leveraged her home’s equity to purchase property on Crenshaw Blvd, laying the foundation for CYD. Owning the building not only gives Young the freedom to shape CYD’s future but also allows her to generate additional revenue by renting out studio spaces for events, workshops, and other creative endeavors.

“I wanted to share this gift with everyone.”

This bold move gave her the freedom to experiment and grow without the constraints of a landlord. While the initial community reception could have been better, Young persevered, offering classes to seniors and schools, participating in local events, and eventually winning over a loyal clientele.

Realizing the need for business expertise, Young turned to VSEDC. Our team surveyed Young’s needs and provided essential resources, from Business 101 courses to guidance on navigating local regulations and finances. Young credits VSEDC with highlighting the importance of social media, leading to CYD’s revamped online presence.

“VSEDC made me aware of the importance of social media. Part of my business planning included establishing a website and social media platforms.”

Additionally, VSEDC facilitated Young’s connections with organizations like the Crenshaw Chamber of Commerce and LA Metro, leading to her obtaining SBE and DBE certifications.

Today, CYD is a throbbing nucleus for wellness. Kar Lee’s vision sees CYD as a “hub for wellness in the Crenshaw District,” partnering with organizations like AARP and local schools to bring movement and mindfulness to all.

Through VSEDC technical assistance, you, too, can take the reins and fuel your passion. Start here to take advantage of our services today to turn your ideas into thriving businesses that uplift the South LA community.