Stepping into July, I find myself reflecting on my first month at the helm of VSEDC. A month marked by inspiration, optimism, and a deepened understanding of the vibrant community we serve. The voices, aspirations, and relentless determination of South Los Angeles entrepreneurs, business owners, and dreamers drive my passion and dedication. 

Our role at VSEDC is to stimulate our community’s potential into sustainable growth. Having witnessed firsthand the remarkable transformations taking place within VSEDC, I am filled with awe and a profound sense of responsibility. As we embark on a new fiscal year, we aren’t merely turning a calendar page. We are beginning a thrilling chapter. With robust foundations set, we are prepared to navigate this journey towards an innovative, impactful, and inclusive future. 

In VSEDC’s formative years, real estate development was the cornerstone of our growth. The VSEDC I envision will not only continue to fuel economic growth through real estate and entrepreneurship but also kindle individual growth and empowerment. Integral to this vision is the facilitation of access to capital for our businesses, a fundamental stepping stone to their success. 

In addition, we value the impact of knowledge and expertise in driving success. We’re going to focus on the unique offerings provided by our comprehensive training programs, such as entrepreneurial training and social media marketing workshops. These programs equip our community with the skills they need today and also prepare them for the opportunities of tomorrow. 

As an emerging Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), we are committed to bridging the financial gaps that often inhibit growth. Through our CDFI, we aim to provide affordable loans to businesses who might otherwise struggle to secure traditional financing. We also understand the importance of knowledge and skills in business success. This is why we place immense value on our programs such as the CEO Series, dedicated to providing invaluable insights and tools for businesses to flourish. Our objective is not just to overcome immediate challenges but to equip our entrepreneurs with the skills to navigate future obstacles confidently. 

This coming year, our objectives will revolve around enhancing our services, fostering our partnerships, and innovating ways to better serve our community. We will champion our entrepreneurs, empower our youth, and fortify local businesses. Our mission is to build connections, inspire collaborations, and pave paths to success for everyone we engage with. 

As we step forward into this new phase, we acknowledge the inevitable challenges that await. However, I am convinced that our collective resolve outshines any hurdle. We are VSEDC, united in our mission to serve, uplift, and inspire. 

With your support and our shared vision, we can construct a future that radiates promise and progress. 

To the journey ahead, 

Quentin Strode