A month of celebrations awaits us on September 15, with the arrival of Latino Heritage Month. This observant time acknowledges Latin America’s vast collection of cultures, traditions, and groundbreaking contributions. More than merely a period of celebration, it is an invitation for cultural appreciation and learning.  

Profound Importance  

Latino Heritage Month illuminates achievements spanning numerous fields, influencing and enriching our global society. From the brilliant architecture of Oscar Niemeyer in Brazil to the Nobel Prize-winning literature of Gabriel García Márquez from Colombia, Latino heritage is awash by boundless creativity and ingenuity.  

Contributions also extend to the sciences—such as Dr. Baruj Benacerraf’s groundbreaking work in immunology, which earned him a Nobel Prize, or Ellen Ochoa’s remarkable career as the first Latina astronaut. These achievements testify to the resilience, intelligence, and ingenuity that characterize Latino cultures.  

Inclusivity and Awareness  

Inclusion isn’t just a buzzword at VSEDC; it’s an embedded part of our culture. We take immense pride in our team’s rich tapestry of backgrounds, a significant portion woven from Latino heritage. Commitment to inclusivity means creating a culture that welcomes and celebrates these diverse histories and contributions. Their presence not only adds to our cultural mosaic but also brings invaluable perspectives that fuel innovation, teamwork, and understanding.  

Spotlight on Talent  

Our ongoing initiatives, such as our CEO Series, aim to uplift all voices while recognizing the unique experiences and perspectives our Latino-heritage colleagues bring. While their stories are as diverse as their skills, the common thread is their significant impact on the community and our world, and we commemorate that fully during this month and beyond.  

Curated events and signature programs like our Latino Heritage Pitch Competition spotlight Latino entrepreneurs and small business owners. With additional programs on the horizon, VSEDC will continue to inspire a deeper understanding and appreciation for these cultures.  

Latino Heritage Month is a beacon, illuminating the diverse landscapes of culture. May this month be a moment for celebration and a catalyst for continued engagement with the wealth of cultures that enrich our lives and work. 

Best regards, 

Quentin Strode 
President & CEO