South LA Wellness Oasis Empowered by VSEDC

Yoga isn’t just about physical postures—it’s about transformation. For Kar Lee Young, founder of Crenshaw Yoga & Dance (CYD) in Park Mesa Heights, yoga was a lifeline during a difficult time. Inspired by its healing power, she envisioned a space where her community could find solace and connection. A Vision Takes Shape Young’s arc from nurse to entrepreneur […]

Let’s Learn: Starting a Daycare Business

Do you have a passion for nurturing young minds and an entrepreneurial soul? Starting a daycare in California could be your ideal enterprise, allowing you to build a rewarding business while making a difference in your community. Daycares enable parents to work, boosting the economy and supporting other industries as parents spend their income. This […]

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas | Feature Friday

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and finding that perfect gift can be challenging. Our moms are superheroes; finding the gift that expresses how much we appreciate them can feel impossible. Why not show your appreciation for Mom by visiting the distinctive small businesses nurtured and supported by VSEDC’s dedicated service? Spoil Mom with an Experience Sometimes, the best gift […]

Don’t Fall In! How to Steer Clear of Startup Pitfalls

Launching a business is thrilling, but between the excitement and the hustle, it’s crucial to stay vigilant and not overlook hidden traps that can derail your plans. By being proactive and staying ahead of these challenges, you can avoid startup pitfalls and set yourself up for success. Minority businesses face unique challenges, as evidenced by […]

Meet the Tax-pert: Crystal Mitchell

Ever felt overwhelmed by the complex world of taxes? Meet Crystal Mitchell, a South LA business coach and tax expert passionate about empowering fellow entrepreneurs. Managing taxes is crucial to running a business, but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Crystal, with her 20 years of seasoned experience, brings a unique approach to tax […]

Leimert Park Boutique Goes Viral

Queen Aminah’s Clothing & Sisters Marketplace has been a beloved fixture in Leimert Park for over a decade. Renowned for its exquisite blend of African wear, accessories, and Islamic attire, the store has cultivated a loyal following that appreciates its unique cultural treasures. But in June 2023, extensive street repairs along the Crenshaw Corridor significantly impacted […]

Honoring Marva: A Legacy of Empowering South LA

Indomitable is the spirit of VSEDC Founder Marva Smith Battle-Bey, a visionary icon whose tireless efforts laid the foundation for economic growth and empowerment in South LA. Transitioning into Women’s History Month, reflecting on her legacy and the impact of women in economic development and entrepreneurship is essential. Marva endeavored to confront the steady economic […]

Kulcha Flavaz: Seasoning Success

South Los Angeles is witnessing the rise of a culinary hero: Kulcha Flavaz, a new Afro-Carribean food truck driven by Karim Mejia’s passionate pursuit. Drawing from his Belizean heritage and a desire to share healthy, authentic cuisine, he found invaluable support and guidance from the South LA BusinessSource Center (BSC). Through BSC-tailored support, Karim’s humble […]

CDFI Uplifts Women-owned Trucking Business | Success Story

Pandemic be damned. Undeterred by the global hardship, Teneisha Cephas’ T&M Productions remains a paragon of resilience. Their sail through the fluctuations of the trucking sector, coupled with navigating the stormy seas of the COVID-19 crisis, exemplifies a tale of enduring sustainability. Initially entrenched in the events industry, Teneisha and her spouse, McClom, sought a […]

VSEDC and USC Dornsife Launch TESA

Building a New Era of Entrepreneurship Marching step-for-step into the New Year, VSEDC is thrilled to announce a momentous collaboration with the University of Southern California (USC) Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences. Launching in February 2024, this exciting alliance introduces the Transformative Entrepreneurship Startup Academy (TESA), an eight-week virtual workshop series designed to […]


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