Amidst the competitive culinary offerings of Los Angeles, Original Taco Pete, a cherished eatery, has embarked on a transformative journey that reshaped its business outlook and community impact. Propelled by the strategic partnership with the South LA BusinessSource Center, operated by VSEDC, and the dedicated guidance of Business Coach Johnathan Kinnard, ‘Taco Pete’ is experiencing an evolution.

The synergy with VSEDC introduced a pivotal chapter for Taco Pete, a time-honored eatery with a rich backstory rooted in community engagement and traditional flavors. Owner Aaron Johnson realized a need to innovate and adapt to the fast-paced demands of the modern market. Acknowledging the necessity for external expertise, he turned to SLA BSC, igniting a transformative process focusing primarily on modernization and sustainable growth.

Under the meticulous eye of Johnathan Kinnard, Taco Pete began to reimagine its business strategy. Critical analysis of operational methods identified the strengths that had sustained them for decades and the untapped potential that could drive future success. Kinnard’s influence guided a comprehensive reevaluation of the brand, enhancing its marketing approach and broadening its customer engagement while preserving its legacy. 

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Central to this metamorphosis was a radical overhaul of their marketing techniques. Kinnard emphasized the potency of digital platforms, creating a significant online footprint for the restaurant. From revamping the website to engaging customers through social media, the new strategy expanded its reach beyond the local community, drawing in a diverse audience attracted to the eatery’s heritage and contemporary edge. 

Kinnard inspired a forward-thinking mindset among the leadership at Original Taco Pete. This shift in perspective emphasized modern marketing tools to advance operational strategies, improve customer service protocols, and even refine the menu to meet evolving dietary preferences. This thriving momentum has set the stage for its physical expansion, a testament to its renewed vigor and market appeal. 

Embodying the spirit of growth and the fruits of relentless effort, Original Taco Pete is opening a new location at 2551 Rosecrans, Gardena, CA. This expansion represents the resilience, adaptability, and ambitious nature of a business unwilling to rest on its laurels. It is a bold step forward, influenced by the insights and strategies honed through their invaluable partnership with the SLA BSC and VSEDC. 

Signature ground beef burritos.

The success story of Original Taco Pete underscores the transformative power of strategic partnerships like that with VSEDC. For businesses striving to remain relevant and competitive, embracing external expertise and support can catalyze a renaissance in operation, branding, and community impact. The journey of Original Taco Pete is far from over; instead, it embarks on a new trajectory of growth, community service, and relentless pursuit of culinary excellence.

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