This form is required to participate in South LA Best Buy Teen Tech Center programming. If you are under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must fill out this form.
Members can sign up for bootcamps by checking the box of their desired class when signing up. Youth are not REQUIRED to take bootcamps and can also “DROP-IN” during our operating hours and access our phenomenal space, which includes a state-of-the art recording studio, touch screen computers with Adobe Creative Suite, a performance stage, camera equipment for productions, digital art tablets and so much more! 

The South LA Best Buy Teen Tech Center is a place where members are in a fun and inclusive setting. In this safe haven, they’ll meet like-minded people, as well as, explore, expand and identify their passions. Our hope is that members will realize their dreams under mentor guidance, be who they want to be and change the world! 
Youth will engage in career development opportunities and innovative educational experiences in coding, graphic design, robotics, web development, VR, music production, and the arts in a supportive environment. 
Members have access to scholarships, career development, paid internships, training in innovative technologies, such as coding, animation, app design, robotics, web development, graphic design, AR/VR/AI and the list goes on! 


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