MISLA Summer Boot Camps

2D Animation

This three week workshop focuses on exposing students to the world of animation and game production, in order to help them express themselves in a creative and constructive manner.

Intro to Computers

With this course our Silicon Beach & Hollywood Studio/Lab experts not only prepare you for this workforce of the future, but also teach skills to run your own business and life in a digital world.

Website Development

Learn to build a website in six weeks. Middle Schoolers at Boys Academic Leadership Academy in South LA will learn coding by building low-cost websites for local South LA businesses.

Video Game Programming

The bootcamp introduces science, technology, engineering, art, math through the new media technology with emphasis on animation and game development. Great for students wanting a career in this field.

Youtube Creators Club

Students will learn how to start their own YouTube Channel, to video shooting techniques, how to edit videos, what software to use, internet/social media etiquette, how to grow their channel and audience.

Citizenship Class