A Brighter Future: South LA Best Buy Teen Tech Center Partners with 100 Black Men of Los Angeles, Inc.

In the ongoing mission to inspire, uplift, and empower the young minds of the community, the South LA Best Buy Teen Tech Center (SLA BBTTC) is thrilled to announce a new collaboration with the Los Angeles chapter of 100 Black Men of America, Inc. This nationally renowned mentoring organization shares our commitment to youth development and success within the African American community. 

Every child deserves the opportunity to dream and reach their highest potential. Many are influenced by their immediate environment and the people around them, which can sometimes hinder their vision for their future. This is where the SLA BBTTC and 100 Black Men play a crucial role, offering additional perspectives and providing an empowering network with life-changing opportunities. 

In a perfect synergy of goals and methods, the Center will partner with 100 Black Men to build on its effective model to grow an environment that fosters technological education, personal development, and community involvement. This collaboration will allow us to empower our young participants with the necessary tools to become self-sufficient, educated, and influential leaders in their communities and beyond. 

Thai Buckman, BBTTC Program Coordinator, emphasizes the philosophy driving this collaboration: “We believe in community collaborations instead of competitive silos. At the end of the day, we all have the same goals to give youth in South LA and beyond a fun, safe space where they can train and gain skills in as many areas as possible. We want them to find their passion so they can build a brighter future.

Our collective mission remains clear: to provide the next generation with opportunities that they might have once thought impossible. This collaboration represents a crucial intersection of technology and mentorship and underscores the fact that while skills and knowledge are vital, they are most potent when paired with the guidance, wisdom, and support that mentors provide. Our collective efforts seek to inspire the youth to see beyond the limitations of their immediate environment. The powerful fusion of technology and mentorship equips them with the tools to do just that. 

Leonard Washington, a Board Member of 100 Black Men, echoes this sentiment. “100 Black Men was founded on the precept that we would make a difference in the communities we serve by demonstrating our unconditional support for the enhancement of education for our youth. We’re extremely proud to partner with SLA BBTTC to provide integrated activities, skill development, and training that will help our youth thrive in a forever-changing digital landscape.” 

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