In Alignment: $75,000 Loan Granted to Think Healthy, a Posture Corrective Company

Wearable Posture Products for a Healthier Body and a Healthier Future

Dr. Romina Ghassemi, the founder of Think Healthy, Inc., was recently awarded a $75,000 loan from VSEDC.  


Dr. Ghassemi is originally a chiropractor, with certifications in Chiropractic Biophysics, Scoliosis Treatments and Neurology, Spinal Correction Programs, and Ergonomics. Dr. Ghassemi’s background led to the formation of her three health principles: find the problem, fix the problem, and prevent further injury by maintaining health.  

These three principles form the basis of Think Healthy, a posture company supporting physical health and sports performance.  

The first product released by Think Healthy is the Bax-U back brace that Dr. Ghassemi was able to take straight to market.  

During the period of the COVID-19 shutdowns, when former office workers had to work from home without ergonomic desks, utilizing whatever they had–their kitchen tables, counters, living room and bedroom furniture–Dr. Ghassemi noted that her patients and consumers at large were gradually becoming more physically injured.  

Dr. Ghassemi utilized the basis of the first product and built upon it, creating ancillary products in the form of kits that could get rid of shoulder knots, neck pain, and targeting muscles that were stressed, tired, or weak. The posture kits were distributed to corporate wellness, doctors’ and chiropractors’ offices, as well as Amazon and Walmart. 


After the success of Think Healthy’s first two products, the Bax-U back brace and the ancillary at-home kits, the company faced financial challenges to match their momentum of growth.  

Dr. Ghassemi’s business advisor, Mike Miller, Co-Founder of Wild Horse Labs, referred her to VSEDC Senior Business Coach, Terry Gubatan and mentioned that Gubatan was experiencing neck pain.  

“I told Terry to come to my clinic for an appointment. If [Terry] is happy with the results, he’ll understand what I do and what my purpose behind this business is,” says Dr. Ghassemi.  

Gubatan decided to become Dr. Ghassemi’s client. Of the experience, Terry says, “I got better in four months, I’m standing taller, and my neck issues dissipated. I’m a believer in what [Dr. Ghassemi] is doing.” 

Likewise, from Dr. Ghassemi’s initial Zoom introduction to VSEDC, the partnership between Think Healthy and VSEDC took off, culminating in the approval of a $75,000 loan.  

The loan made it possible to finish the third product in Think Healthy’s arsenal: a new line of activewear.

The activewear and sports attire line is described by Dr. Ghassemi as a “shield against injury that taps into the innate power of the body, complete with bio-tension bands that, when pulled, retract the body from a slouched posture into a proper posture.” The activewear line is poly-spandex dry-fit and machine washable.

Dr. Ghassemi draws a comparison between the preventative health philosophy of Think Healthy to the business assistance that Vermont Slauson Economic Development Corporation provides.  

“The approach that we take with our patients, treatment for the prevention of future injuries, is the same approach that entrepreneurs and startups need to take with their businesses. I highly recommend anyone to work with VSEDC. [Business owners] try our best, but we are not experts in everything. Meeting with people who are smarter than us in certain areas, who have more experience, who have been there, done that – it helps grow the business and prevents future problems.”  


The funding from VSEDC allowed Dr. Ghassemi to sustain a relationship with her customers, as well as grow the company internally. Think Healthy has brought in three new staff members and are poised to bring in their first class of interns who will gain valuable hands-on experience and training in preventative health.  

Dr. Ghassemi cites the “5 P’s” as the company’s lodestar moving forward: correct Posture, Power of the muscles, increasing joint Performance, Preventing injury, Protecting from compensatory injuries.  

The next product in Think Healthy’s pipeline is sensor technology, paired with an app, for consumers who want to track their physical performance in health, sports, and general wellbeing.  

“We are all about serving the public. Our company mission is to put high-quality products in the hands of the consumer for a healthier, happier life,” says Dr. Ghassemi.  

Follow @baxuactive for wearable products and @drrominag for health and wellness. Plus, use code PREORDER25 at for 25% off activewear products!  


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