Free webinars for Small Businesses: Understanding Business Taxes, and How to Get Loan Ready

VSEDC has two webinars coming up that we think are important for small businesses to attend. 

  • Understanding Business Taxes, April 14 from 4PM – 6PM [LINK] 
  • How to Get Loan Ready, April 25 from 5PM – 7PM

The top 5 reasons why you should attend Understanding Business Taxes 

  1. It is timely – tax season is upon us 
  1. It is led by Crystal Mitchell, a VSEDC small business consultant who specializes in finance and accounting. 
  1. You will learn the common mistakes and pitfalls small businesses often make, so that you can avoid them. 
  1. It’s a webinar, which means you can click in from anywhere. 
  1. It will give you a jump start on your taxes. 

The Top 5 reasons why you should attend How to Get Loan Ready

  1. Gilbert Buchanan, who leads the webinar, is a small business owner who is an expert in assessing readiness for small businesses. 
  1. You will learn what path your business specifically needs to take to get loan ready. 
  1. It takes the guess work out of loan applications, and gets you closer to your goal. 
  1. A successful loan application can get your startup going, or help you move your small business to the next level. 
  1. Who among us doesn’t need access to capital?