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Providing programs structured to revitalize the physical, economic

and social life of the community of South Los Angeles


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Our Community

VSEDC operates in the dynamic community of South Los Angeles. Home to historical landmarks such as the West Adams District; the oldest learning institution on the West Coast, University of Southern California; large faith communities including Crenshaw Christian Center; and arts and culture centers like Leimert Park, South Los Angeles is a vibrant area rich with diversity and a history of community activism.

Though known for nurturing jazz greats such as Kid Ory, hosting the Olympics in 1984 and the famed Staples Center, local residents contend with high unemployment, strained social services and related issues. Despite these challenges, South Los Angeles remains an area ripe for entrepreneurial and commercial development and has seen revitalization with initiatives such as the Figueroa Corridor Project, commercial developments in the Crenshaw District (Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza) and declining crime rates. VSEDC maintains a long history of impact in the community and is heartened by the potential for further improvement through our diverse programs.

  • Community Profile

    The target area for VSEDC is located at the core of South Los Angeles and has some of the most complex challenges in the greater Los Angeles area. The area is primarily inhabited by African Americans (45.15%) and Hispanics (52.82%).  The Vermont Slauson community has about 50% of its household income below $22,000. The estimated unemployment rate for the area was pegged at 20% while official unemployment rate for greater Los Angeles was 6.5% in 2003. VSEDC is focused on commercial and industrial development as well as creating job opportunities in this area.


    Demographics in our Vermont-Slauson Community Population

    • Population 26,797, according to the 2000 census, about average in comparison to the rest of the city's neighborhoods
    • The 2008 population is estimated at 28,374.
    • 1.4 square miles, small in comparison to the rest of the city's neighborhoods
    • 18,577 people per square mile, among the highest densities in the city



    • The percentages of black and Latino people are among the city's highest.
    • Moderately diverse in comparison to the rest of the city





    • Average household size of 3.5, high in comparison to the rest of the city
    • 61.5% of households are renters, an average percentage in comparison to the rest of the city. Wilmington, Highland Park and Toluca Lake are the most similar.





    The percentages of residents with less than a high school diploma and a high school diploma are among the city's highest.





    926 veterans, 5.5% of the population, about average in comparison to the rest of the city's neighborhoods

    The percentage of veterans who served during Vietnam is among the city's highest.


    Ancestry and Immigration

    Mexican (34.3%) and Salvadoran (7.7%) are the most common ancestries.

    10,506 (39.2%) of residents are foreign born , about average in comparison to the rest of the city's neighborhoods. Mexico (53.2%) and El Salvador (26.3%) are the most common foreign places of birth.


    Source: Census 2000


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