Vermont Slauson Entrepreneurial Training Level II

Providing programs structured to revitalize the physical, economic

and social life of the community of South Los Angeles


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Entrepreneurial Training Program Level 2

Course Curriculum


Session 1      LA BusinessSource Center and Vermont Slauson EDC Introduction

  • Business Planning, Entrepreneurship Mindset, Business Environment Map
  • Legal Business forms and Taxation, Project Plans for each Student
  • NAICS and SIC Codes Industry Classifications


Session 2       Business Plan Body of Information

  • NAICS Codes, Industry Resources, and Business Census Data
  • Mission and Vision Statement – Company Market Opportunities; Customer; Product and Service; Marketing; Management; Operations, Finance, Strategies and EVA.


Session 3       Marketing Plan

Market Research Planning Sources, Product/Services, Pricing Strategy, Promotional Strategy, Placement/Distribution


Session 4        Marketing, Plan Breakeven

Product price for Service vs. Products, Variable Cost verses Fixed Cost, Breakeven Sales Analysis, Breakeven Plus Profit Analysis


Session 5 -      Accounting and Financial Management

Basic Financial Statements, Accounting Cycle – Quick Books Model, Financial Statement Analysis, Tax Accounting verses Financial Accounting, Tax Stimulus Information


Session 6        Financial Planning and Forecasting

Sales Projections, Expense Projections, Profit and Lost Projections Performa Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Projections, Ratios and Bench Marks


Session 7 -      Management and Operations Planning

Location Analysis Physical Location vs. Web Presence, Lease Terms and Regulatory Codes and Licensing, Management Team and Organizational Staffing, Risk Management and Insurance, Presentation of Business Plan Case


Session 8        Business Planning, Finance and Exit Strategies

Business Loan Case and Exit Strategies, Student Business Plan Executive Summary Presentations, Presentations of Certificates of Completions, Closing Remarks


Business Plan is Due by Session 8



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