Vermont Slauson Entrepreneurial Training Program Level I

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Entrepreneurial Training Program Level 1



The primary purpose of the Level I training is to assist emerging entrepreneurs with understanding the total concept of business formation and evaluating the potential for success. With its focus on the beginning steps needed to establish a business, the course prepares would-be entrepreneurs for the more comprehensive, eight-week Level II training course.


Course Curriculum


Session 1           Introduction to Business Concepts and Planning

  • Defining and understanding basic business concepts (what is a business; types of businesses; selling methods)
  • Identifying business success skills (personal, technical and strategic)
  • The importance of planning for business start-up and expansion (identifying market research strategies; how to set and implement goals)
  • Overview of business structures
  • Home assignment—‘Identifying Business Skills’ and ‘Defining Your Business Idea’


Session 2           Market Research

  • Read and discuss ‘Identifying Business Skills’ and ‘Defining Your Business Idea’ home assignment (a few students will be chosen)
  • Identifying specific market research activities and strategies (four areas covered: industry, competitors, target market and product benefits; how to conduct, analyze and profile research results)


Session 3             Determining Feasibility

  • Read and discuss ‘Identifying Business Skills’ and ‘Defining Your Business Idea’ home assignment (remainder of students will share)
  • Estimating total sales potential and first year sales projections
  • Developing a pricing strategy, methods and profit characteristics
  • Estimating monthly expenses at start-up
  • Calculating breakeven and breakeven point


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