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Commercial Development

Through its commercial development efforts, VSEDC has been established as a premier economic development organization.

Detailed case studies of three VSEDC FLAGSHIP developments:

  • Vermont Slauson Shopping Center

    Vermont Slauson Shopping Center is a 175,000 sq. ft. commercial center located in South Los Angeles.  The center currently has four major tenants consisting of a K-Mart, McDonalds, Superior grocery store, and CVS drug store as well as 12 smaller tenants.  The center has created 450 jobs, significantly reducing unemployment in the immediate area.


    Project Name:

    Vermont Slauson Shopping Center


    Project Location:

    South East Corner of Vermont and
    Slauson Avenues


    Year Completed:



    Total Development Cost:

    $10 Million


    Funding Sources:

    U.S. Department of Commerce and Economic Development Administration

    $1.5 Million


    U.S. Department of Housing Urban Development, Urban Development Action Grant

    $2.52 Million


    City of Los Angeles, Community Development Block Grants



    Private Investment

    $2.2 Million


    Land Contributions

    $3 Million

  • Vermont Slauson Retail Center

    Vermont Slauson Retail Center, a 4-acre center located at the southwest corner of Vermont and Slauson, was developed by Vermont Slauson Economic Development Corporation.  The site features an El Super supermarket (formerly Gigante), as well as office and retail space.  The project, which recycled the long-vacant land destroyed in the 1992 civil unrest was the first new store built in Los Angeles for the Gigante Supermarket chain, contributing significantly to employment in the area.


    Project Name:

    Vermont Slauson Retail Center


    Project Location:

    1000, 1100, 1130 West Slauson Avenue

    Los Angeles, CA 90044


    Year Completed:



    Total Developmental Cost:

    $9.816 Million


    Funding Sources:

    U.S. Department of Commerce and Economic Development Administration

    $1 Million


    U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Community Services



    Genesis of LA

    $2.1 Million


    City of Los Angeles

    $2.1 Million


    Construction Financing

    $5.825 Million


    Los Angeles Community Development Bank

    $2.5 Million


    Permanent Financing



  • Business Enterprise Center

    The Vermont Slauson Business Enterprise Center (BEC) is a 10,000 sq. ft. micro-business incubator providing affordable, small workshop and office space for businesses in the community.  Its capacity allows it to assist approximately 30 micro-entrepreneurs with facilities including a computer lab, conference room, library and training space.  The property formerly housed a pharmaceutical company.  The building required extensive rehabilitation and retrofitting for office space.  More than 35 jobs have been created by this facility.


    Project Name:

    Business Enterprise Center


    Project Location:

    6109 South Western Avenue

    Los Angeles, CA 9047


    Year of Inception: 2001


    Total Development Cost:



    Funding Sources:

    U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration



    U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Community Services



    Irvine Foundation



 L. A. Neighborhood Initiative: In 1995, we were one of eight neighborhoods that received $1 million each for improvements to the commercial corridor. As managers of this two-year demonstration program funded by the Federal Department of Transportation, we began implementation of our work plan in 1997. Improvements include lighting, landscaping, facade upgrades, safety/security programs, business promotions and the formation of a BID (Business Improvement District).


The Vermont Avenue Corridor carries the most passengers on the MTA Bus Lines in all of Los Angeles County. Most of these passengers are low income individuals who do have not have automobiles. This project tremendously upgrades the Neighborhood amenities and improves the quality of the area.


R Ranch Supermarket - A $1.2 million market project that opened in 1996. This 25,000 square foot store was the joint development of the VSEDC, the property owner, and the owner of R Ranch, an independent grocer. This store, previously a Boys Market, was destroyed in the 1992 Los Angeles riots. VSEDC's involvement included working with the property owner to coordinate the development, financing of the project, job development, and community outreach for the project. Sixty-seven low-income jobs were created. This project was financed partially by OCS funds and a private lender.


Baskin Robbins Ice Cream - In 1985, VSEDC entered a joint agreement with Baskin Robbins to locate four minority owned franchises in south Central Los Angeles. This was the first time the company would have stores available in our community. We worked with the company in identifying participants for the training/ownership program, and loaned each participant 50% of the start up costs of $80,000 per store. CDBG Funds were used for this project and corporate funds from Baskin Robbins matched these funds. More than 20 permanent full time jobs with career mobility potential were created for low income residents.


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